Add your own font to the media editor

In the media editor there is the option of placing text on the opened image. By default, there are some fonts available for this function that can be used freely. However, many companies use a special font as their house font and would also like to use this in the social channels. We can store this font for you so that it can be selected in the media editor.


Upload the font to your media library. The font should ideally be in woff format. This format is supported by most browsers. But other formats such as otf are usually no problem. However, fonts in ttf format do not work and may have to be converted beforehand. The font must then remain permanently in the media library so that it can be used.

Contact our support

Once the font is uploaded, email us at Don't forget to include the folder and file name so we can find the font. We will then add it to your media editor so that you can use it in the text function of the media editor.

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