Set up teams

You can use teams to manage different countries, departments or agency clients in one SocialHub account. You can create an unlimited number of teams and assign users and channels to them. Teams are used to manage your users and channels faster and more efficiently. Each team stands on its own. A user with the role "Admin" belongs to each team by default and can view all channels.

Depending on how you want to manage your channels, it may be necessary that not every employee should see every channel or that employees work exclusively on one channel. To enable such a way of working, we have developed the Teams feature.

The Teams feature must first be activated under "Account" > "Feature". Please check the box and save the process:

After that, this feature is available and selectable under "Account" > "Teams".

The (2) behind the teams means that in this case two teams are already created. If you want to create a new team, you can use the corresponding button:


You assign a name for this team, e.g. Team 2, and save the process.

Now you can add users or channels, just click on the small +, which will bring up a menu.

There you can enter the name or email of a user or click on the input field and get an overview:

The procedure is the same for the channels:

Attention:: An administrator cannot be assigned to a team. He is always automatically a member of all teams! All other roles can be assigned to a team (see the available roles of SocialHub here).

Congratulations, the feature is now "ready to go" :)


Changes in the daily work

What changes now by using this feature?

Every user who is not an admin and has been assigned to a team will only see the channels that have been assigned to this team and can therefore only edit these channels.

Example: If a user is assigned to the "SHTest" and "My own Company" channels, he will see these channels in the channel selection

If a channel is not assigned to a team when using the teams, incoming tickets can also only be processed by the administrator, other users will no longer see this channel.

All other functionalities of the SocialHub are otherwise unaffected.

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