Known problems and limitations with the networks

As a provider of a social media tool, we have to work together with the linked networks. However, problems can always occur that we have no influence on solving, as only the network concerned can solve this problem. At this point, we would like to go into the problems that currently exist and explain them in a little more detail. We simply want to be as transparent as possible at this point and will keep this overview as up-to-date as possible so that you are always up-to-date: 

Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Costum Channels



Facebook Reels are currently not supported by the interface. Accordingly, no reels can be posted and comments on reels do not arrive in the Inbox. 


Currently, there are no known problems with this network.


Currently, there are no known problems with this network.


Only comments on videos can be uploaded to the Inbox via the interface.

Costum Channels (Google/Trustpilot/etc.)

Currently, only tickets can be answered via the Inbox on Costum Channels. Publishing posts and other actions such as "Like" are not available here.

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