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In order for posts to be published, the corresponding channels must be added to SocialHub. An explanation can be found here.

To publish a post, please click on the "Publisher" menu item

This will take you to the following window:

You can now select one or more channels on which you want to publish your content, alternatively you can also click the link "Select all / deselect all". For example, if all channels were selected, the window will look like this:

If you now click on the right button "Create Content", a window will open and you can get started directly by adding text and / or images. Here we now want to publish a post for Instagram directly.

The whole thing then looks like this:

By clicking the "Apply this content to all posts" button, the content of your post will be applied to all other selected channels, but you can select all the fields you want to apply beforehand (translation follows):

If you confirm the selection by clicking on "Copy", the content is copied to the other channels. The SocialHub tries to press all content into the appropriate form for the network, but this does not always work. Then you get a small error message and you can of course still adjust the post by hand. For Twitter, the whole thing looks like this:

If the post has been edited accordingly, you can now "Cancel" it, "Save as draft" or "Publish immediately":

Plan posts

Of course, you can also plan your content for the future by selecting the "Plan" item in the horizontal menu:

If you check the box, you can plan your contribution for the future by selecting the date, time and time zone:

If the post has been scheduled accordingly, you can now "Cancel" it, "Save as draft" or "Schedule" it:

Approve content

To be able to use this feature, please activate the release for the Content Planner via "Accounts" > "Features". This will give you various options to set up an approval workflow for the posts you are planning to post. Approval process


Here you can add comments and select employees via the dropdown field. As soon as the comment is saved, the selected employee will receive an email about this topic.

Delete posts

You can also delete posts at any time, just use the button located in the top right corner of each window:

After the confirmation prompt, the post will be irrevocably deleted.

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