Which permissions does the SocialHub need to connect a Facebook page or an Instagram account?

To securely manage your facebook channels within SocialHub, you will be asked to grant some permissions. We need these permissions to provide you with the tools to manage and reply to your fans comments and messages. SocialHub will NEVER post something on Facebook or Instagram against your will!

This overview provides the main usage that requires the respective permission for the SocialHub. Click a specific permission to look up additional use cases directly in the Facebook documentation.

Permission Description
ads_management Grants the ability to both read and manage the ads for ad accounts you own or have been granted access to by the owner or owners of the ad accounts.
business_management Manage business assets such as an ad account. Claiming ad accounts.
instagram_basic Get basic metadata of an Instagram Business Account.
instagram_content_publish Managing organic content creation process for Instagram (i.e. post photos, videos to main feed).
instagram_manage_comments Read, update, and delete comments of Instagram Business Accounts.
instagram_manage_insights Get data insights of an Instagram Business Account.
manage_pages Grants permissions to retrieve Page Access Tokens for the Pages and Apps that you administer.
Grants permissions to send and receive Page conversations in Messenger.
pages_show_list Grants permissions to show the list of the Pages that you manage.
public_profile Grants permissions to the public information of your profile.
publish_pages Grants permissions to publish posts, publish comments and liking comments.
read_insights Grants permissions to read-only access of the Insights data for Pages, Apps, and web domains you own.
read_page_mailboxes Grants permission to manage and access your Pages' messaging conversations.

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