Which permissions does my Facebook profile need to connect a channel to the SocialHub?

The SocialHub executes various actions in the name of the Facebook page. To execute all functions without errors, the SocialHub needs sufficient access permissions. These are transferred by the Facebook user when a channel is connected. Therefore, the user must have the necessary permissions and have at least the "Editor" or "Admin" Role for this Page. 

  Admin Editor Moderator Advertiser Analyst
Manage Page roles and settings        
Edit the Page and add apps      
Create and delete posts as the Page      
Send messages as the Page    
Respond to and delete comments and posts to the Page    
Remove and ban people from the Page    
Create ads, promotions or boosted posts  
View earnings insights  
View other insights
View Page Quality tab
See who published as the Page
Publish and manage jobs      
Turn on job features for a post    

In the "New Page Experience" this concept has been reworked. There are now the following permissions (right column) which correspond to the displayed roles from the "Classic Page Experience" (left column). 

Classic Page Roles Page Access in the New Pages Experience
Admin Facebook access with full control
Editor Facebook access with partial control
Moderator Task access for Message Replies, Community Activity, Ads, Insights
Advertiser Task access for Ads, Insights
Analyst Task access for Insights



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