Inbox Categories

You probably already know that you can tag your tickets with categories in the Inbox.

In this Analytics section, you get an overview of the categories you have created in your Settings section and used to categorize your tickets.

The "Analyse" button gives you an overview of these tickets. You can also analyse several categories at the same time.

If you work with singlettaging, i.e. the multitagging feature is not activated, the categories are always linked with an OR.
However, if you have activated the multitagging feature, you always have the choice to influence the logic according to which your results are filtered. You can decide whether the categories you have selected should be linked with an AND or an OR operator.

AND: Tickets tagged with all selected categories.

OR: Tickets tagged with at least one of the selected categories.

Example AND:
If you select the category "Complaint" and the category "Product A" in your category list, you will only get information about tickets that are tagged with both categories "Complaint" AND "Product A" ;)

Example OR:
If you select the top category "Products" in your category list, all subcategories are automatically selected. Through the OR link you get all information about tickets that are tagged with at least one of your "product" categories. This way, you can get an overview of all your incoming tickets that have something to do with your products.


Categories list


You can filter all metrics as usual through the Channel Filter and the Time Filter in the Dashboard header. 

You can search for categories quickly and easily using the search field.

In the standard view, the categories are displayed as they were created in the Settings area. However, you can sort the categories temporarily according to other criteria, such as "Change". To do this, simply click on the corresponding table heading.

You can export this category overview as PDF or CSV as usual.


Categories Detail Dashboard



Once you have selected the desired categories, you can get more details about these tickets by clicking on the "Analyse" button.


Here you can see the following widgets

  • Tickets received
  • Sentiments total
  • Tickets

You can also export this detail dashboard as a PDF as usual.
Additionally, we offer you the possibility to export your ticket information as CSV (Excel).

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