This analytics dashboard helps you get an overview of all the important information about your inbox.

You can also filter all information in this dashboard by channel and time as usual.

You can export this dashboard as a PDF as usual.
In addition, we offer you the possibility to export all your tickets with information as CSV (Excel) - by days or hours.

Business Hours
If you have activated the business hours in the settings, we show additional values in various widgets that are calculated taking into account your business hours. 

Currently, we only count the ticket as answered if a reply is written within 2 days after it arrives in the inbox!

Here you can see the following widgets:

  • Tickets Received
  • Responded Tickets
  • Handled Tickets
  • Overview according to types
  • Responses Written
  • General Response Rate
  • Ø Response Time
  • Ø Handling Time
  • Tickets by Response Time
  • Tickets by Handling Time
  • Peak Times




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