Instagram Story (Mobile Solution)

Instagram Stories cannot yet be posted directly via the Instagram API. That's why we've come up with another option: You can create a story draft and post it immediately or at a later time using the SocialHub Publisher app. To do this, follow the steps below.


Step 1

Download the SocialHub Publisher app on your smartphone. Attention: There are two SocialHub apps, please make sure you install the Publisher app.


Step 2

Log in to the SocialHub Publisher App using your normal SocialHub credentials. Please make sure that your username and password are case sensitive.

If this worked, then you should see a page welcoming you and asking if you agree to use certain services.
If you would like to use the reminder feature and be reminded to post a story right away, or just be notified when a new story is posted, you should click "Yes" here.


Step 3

If you want to work with notifications, please also check in the "Settings" area if they are activated. To do this, open the page navigation via the icon at the top left.


Step 4

Open the Content Planner on your computer and navigate to the Publisher. Select the corresponding Instagram channel for which you want to plan the story and click on "Create content".
Before you upload the media or add text, please change the post type to "Story Draft (Mobile Solutions)". Then it should look something like this:


Step 5

You can now fill in the individual areas.

  • Draft title (mandatory field): Used purely for naming and identifying your draft.
  • Publisher (required field): One of the most important items. Here you should now be able to select your username/any username that has already logged into the SocialHub PublisherApp once.
  • Content Tags: these tags are purely for tagging purposes. This post type is just a kind of draft and has nothing to do with the "real" Story Post that is finally published on Instagram. We import the "real" Story Post once it has been successfully published. If you work with content tags to be able to evaluate them in Analytics afterwards, you have to tag the imported "real" Story Post afterwards.
  • Story Slides: The core. You can add one or more slides here, depending on how many images/videos your story should have. Upload your desired media, add text and/or a link that can then be easily copied in the app, and feel free to leave instructions/notes for the editor.

Step 6

You can set the time when you want to publish the story. To do this, click on the "Schedule" tab.

Please note: Since we do not publish the story directly, the information you enter here serves as a guide for the publisher.

  • Reminder field: It can sometimes take some time to create and edit a story on Instagram. To alert the publisher in time that they should start now, they will get a push notification sent to their phone. (Only if he has given permission for notifications).

If you have now added all the content to the story draft and want to publish the story immediately or at the scheduled time, then publish the story as usual.


Step 7

Now let's take a look at what the selected publisher sees and can or must do in the SocialHub Publisher app to publish the story. If the publisher has received a notification that a new story has been scheduled, they should see the scheduled story in the "Open" section.

Step 8

If you now click on the "Instagram App" button, the media of the story will be downloaded to your device and you will be redirected directly to the Instagram app.

NOTE: You are automatically logged in with the Instagram profile that you last used on your phone. Please check here urgently whether the correct Instagram profile is really selected.

Now you can create a new story in the Instagram app as usual. As already mentioned, you will find the media saved in your gallery.

If you want to copy text or links from the SocialHub Publisher app, you have to switch back to our app and click on the copy icon, then we copy the text to the clipboard and you can easily paste it into your story.


Step 9

When you are done with your story on Instagram and it has been successfully published, you should switch back to the SocialHub Publisher app. Here you have a button in the bottom left corner that marks the story as "Done" and moves it to the "Done" section.

Now the story draft post should also be marked as done in the SocialHub desktop app.


Side note:

If the publishing time has been reached and the story has not yet been marked as Done in the SocialHub Publisher app, it will be marked as "Failed" after 10min, removed from the app, and also marked as "Important" in the desktop app.

If you subsequently change something in the story draft in the desktop app and the draft has not yet been marked as Done, all changes are forwarded to the app.

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