Integrate Facebook chatbot

In order to integrate a Facebook chatbot into the SocialHub, you need to make some settings. Please note that when using a chatbot, messages from Facebook channels only arrive in the inbox if the chatbot forwards a conversation to the SocialHub. Follow the steps below to set all necessary parameters.

Settings in the chatbot

Chatbot developers need our AppID: 488365581216843. Conversations must be passed to this app for them to enter the SocialHub (pass_thread_control). The "metadata" parameter may be exceeded. The content of the parameter is entered in the transfer ticket.

IMPORTANT!! So please contact us at , at this point we still need to do manual adjustment.

For conversations to flow to the SocialHub, you'll need to re-add the Facebook channel once we've confirmed the chatbot has been set up appropriately. Now the SocialHub can receive conversations from a chatbot. You can forward a conversation to the chatbot by clicking the "Forward and Archive" option in the ticket drop-down menu:

That's it: the SocialHub is ready to use! The chatbot used may still need to be configured so that it can forward messages to the SocialHub. The respective chatbot maker can help you.

Warning: By default, messages older than 24 hours can no longer be answered with advertising content via the API. However, you can request this option for individual Facebook pages. You can also find the form in the Facebook page settings under "Messaging Platform" or "Enhanced Messaging". Click on "Request" and confirm in the window that opens that you will then activate the function.


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