Reply to WhatsApp messages in the inbox

You can reply to WhatsApp messages in the Hub just as easily as to tickets from the other networks. But here, too, there are certain restrictions that need to be observed.

What images and videos can be sent in response?

Attention: You can currently reply to WhatsApp messages either with an image or video or with text only. Image/video and text is unfortunately not yet possible at the current state of the API. When replying to messages with image/video only, you can use the following:

Supported File types: jpg, jpeg, png, mp4, pdf

Maximum file size:


  • jpg up to 25 MB
  • png bup to 25 MB


  • mp4 up to 25 MB


  • pdf up to 25 MB


When replying to messages with a file, it is also important to note that the file name is visible to the recipient on WhatsApp.

If the image/video is too large or too small, the API will automatically adjust it.

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