Integrate a Facebook chatbot

In order to integrate a Facebook chatbot into the SocialHub, you need to adjust some settings. When using a chatbot, please note that messages from Facebook channels only reach the Inbox once the chatbot hands over a conversation to the SocialHub. Complete the steps described below to make all necessary adjustments.

Settings of the chatbot

The developers of the chatbot will need our AppID: 488365581216843. Conversations must be passed to this app so that they can be imported into the SocialHub (pass_thread_control). The parameter "metadata" can be passed. The contents of the parameter are inserted into the ticket.

Settings in Facebook and the SocialHub

Browse to the settings of your Facebook page and switch to "Advanced Messaging":


The section "Connected Apps" should list the SocialHub and below this section you will find the settings for the Handover Protocol. Press the button Configure to adjust the app settings for both "Messenger receiver" and "Instagram receiver".


Select the SocialHub as Secondary Receiver for Handover Protocol for both receivers:


Attention: If another app was already selected for this option, it has to be removed before selecting the SocialHub. Otherwise the configuration may not be applied properly. As soon as the SocialHub is selected as the secondary receiver, only messages the chatbot hands over to the SocialHub will be imported.

You need to re-add the Facebook channel after the chatbot has been configured to allow conversations to be imported into the SocialHub. The SocialHub can now receive conversations from a chatbot. You can return a conversation to the chatbot by clicking the "Hand-Back and Archive" option in the tickets drop down menu:


That's it: The SocialHub is all set! You might have to configure your chatbot to be able to hand over messages to the SocialHub. The chatbot manufacturer can help you with that.

Please note: Messages older than 24 hours can no longer be answered via API by default. This option can be requested for each Facebook page. The appropriate form can as well be found in the settings of the Facebook page in the section "Messenger Platform" or "Advanced Messaging". Click "Request" and confirm that you want to activate this feature.


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