Personal settings

The personal settings for your user can be found by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the SocialHub.


With the first option is enabled an additional folder "All tickets" appears in your inbox. This folder displays all tickets regardless of their status (assigned, completed, deleted).

When the second option is enabled you will hear an acoustic signal whenever new tickets enter the hub. This function is coupled to the Inbox. The sound is only audible when you are in the Inbox, not when you are in the Content Planner.


You can configure the behavior of the sidebar in certain situations. The number of 500 comments is a recommendation from us. If you increase this number, your computer may slow down noticeably when working with the Hub if there are many posts that have a lot of comments.


You can specify when you want to receive e-mail notifications from us.


This is the language the interface of the SocialHub is displayed in. This setting does not affect the tickets that enter your account. They are not translated automatically.

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