Why is this feature not available in SocialHub?

Since we are of course dependent on the corresponding channels for development, there are always functions that we cannot or cannot yet offer. The SocialHub communicates with the networks via a so-called API (programming interface), which is provided by these very networks. If a network has published a new function on its own platform, it may well be that the API is not updated at all or only much later.
Even if the API is updated, this does not necessarily mean that the function is then automatically available in SocialHub. Most of the time, we also have to put development work into it first in order to be able to support the changed API.
Therefore, there are functionalities that we cannot yet offer in SocialHub. Here now follows an overview of the most frequently asked questions on this topic.


On Facebook, you can link (mention) a user in the comment. Why can't SocialHub do that? 
The SocialHub uses the Facebook API to communicate with Facebook. Unfortunately, this API does not yet allow mentions on Facebook. If Facebook makes this possible, and this feature is important to you, we will immediately start to implement it.
Why don't mentions of your own page arrive in SocialHub?
Unfortunately, Facebook does not provide a reliable way to retrieve these mentions, which means that we cannot guarantee that they will be received at the moment. We would very much like to include this feature in SocialHub, but Facebook needs to take action on this first. 

How can I decide which image to display on a scheduled Facebook link post?
Unfortunately, you can't make this decision yourself because the Facebook API doesn't offer this as soon as there is more than one image on the website to be linked (see here the answer of the Facebook support(please log in to the FB Business Portal)).

I would like to reply to a user who commented on a post with a private message.
Unfortunately, this is not possible because the Facebook API does not allow this. You would have to tell the user here to send a private message to the page first, then you can also reply to it in SocialHub with a private message.

Why is my reply not directly below the user's post?
Facebook only supports two levels of replies. Posts that would land in a third level or lower appear below the second post due to the nature of the API

I received an error message that the Facebook API was unavailable for a short time?
This can happen from time to time. As with all technical connections, the connection to the Facebook servers can also fail for a short time. We can only recommend that you try again later. Here, for example, a short network failure of your own can also be the cause.

No posts are coming into SocialHub from a user?
There is a privacy option for every user of Facebook, whereby the retrieval of one's own comments can be turned off. Indeed, posts from a user who has this option enabled cannot be retrieved, depending on the type of post.

Why can't I create a sentiment on a post in SocialHub?
Facebook does not allow this, and there are no plans to date. We will keep this on the screen for you. :)


Why can't I reply with a picture in Direct Messages?
Unfortunately, the Twitter API does not allow this.


I would like to like comments on Instagram liken?

Unfortunately, the API does not allow this.

Why aren't Instagram tickets displayed indented like Facebook tickets?
Unfortunately, the API does not allow this.


Why are there no comments on my YouTube channel in SocialHub?
The YouTube API only allows you to retrieve comments on a video, unfortunately all other comments cannot be retrieved. 

Why can't I use the Content Planner in SocialHub for YouTube?
We do not currently offer direct publishing of posts on YouTube. There would be a possibility to do so, but so far, this has not been mentioned by our customers. 

Why can't I block users on YouTube?
Unfortunately, the YouTube API does not allow this.

I wanted to delete a comment on YouTube, but the button is grayed out?
Here is a known bug on YouTube, which now already exists for more than a year. YouTube has to take action here first, so that deleting a comment via the hub works. We can probably implement a workaround here soon.

I deleted a comment under a video on YouTube, but in SocialHub the ticket is still displayed?
That is correct, the YouTube API does not send us updates


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