SocialHub Publisher App - Mobile Solution

"With the help of the SocialHub Publisher App, you can easily keep track of planned content and transfer it to other platforms."

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What exactly does the app do?

There are individual post types that we cannot publish directly on the platforms.

That's why we've thought of a way for you to prepare your posts in advance and be reminded to publish them manually at the right time!

So in short, you can prepare and schedule your content as usual, but it must then be published on the desired platform via a mobile device.

Through our SocialHub Publisher APP, we automatically provide you with all planned media (images & videos), download them for you on your mobile device and forward you to the corresponding app (e.g. Instagram). You can also easily copy text from our app and paste it into an Instagram Story, for example. 

If you have set a reminder, you will also receive a notification that it will soon be time to create the planned post, e.g. in the Instagram app.



Who can publish the planned contributions?
The creator can choose a publisher in the SocialHub. This user then receives the prepared post on their mobile device. (This user must have logged into the SocialHub Publisher at least once beforehand).


What can I insert?
You can schedule up to 8 individual slides.
A slide/page can include:
- 1 image/video* (Necessary)
- Text (copyable in the app)
- Link URL (copyable in the app)
- Notes for the publisher

For the delivery of push reminders for upcoming posts, we use the service Firebase. 
In this case, the DeviceID of your mobile device may be processed via US servers. However, no other personal data is transmitted to Firebase.
The use of notifications is optional and can be adjusted in the settings at any time.

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