Tips for Performance Issues

SocialHub is a software for the popular browsers Chrome and Firefox. Due to the peculiarities of a browser, it can lead to various problems that can negatively affect performance.

We try to create a simple, fast and stable solution for you to deal with the daily comments, news etc. in the social media.

The Inbox sidebar

When you click on a ticket in the inbox, the sidebar displays the user history and the context of a discussion. If there are a lot of comments for a ticket, this can have a significant impact on performance, especially for somewhat weaker computers.

By default, up to 500 comments are loaded in the sidebar. A good first step to get a grip on possible performance problems is to reduce this number. You can find this option in your personal settings:


Then switch to the "Sidebar" tab and change the value from 500 to a lower value. Decrease it step by step until you have found a number that makes the SocialHub run more smoothly for you again.


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