Comments on Facebook and Instagram ads

Ads are independent post types and are handled separately by Facebook and Instagram. This means that the comments posted on ads are not retrievable via the standard Facebook or Instagram API. For this reason, we have developed a feature that allows you to retrieve these comments.

Activating and setting up this feature

Comments on Facebook ads reach your SocialHub Inbox automatically. But comments on Instagram ads need an additional configuration to be made. Please contact your personal account manager so he or she can activate the feature Facebook Ads for you. Next, connect the Facebook ad account and channel as described on the corresponding help page.

Known restrictions

  • For Instagram channels, only ads created after the ad account is connected to the SocialHub will be imported. This also means that only comments on new ads will be imported.
  • In addition, replies will not be imported for Instagram channels, if they respond to comments posted on the ad.
  • Unfortunately, some types of ads are not accessible via the API, which means that comments on these ads are not retrievable. The following list provides an overview of the known status, which comments can be retrieved and which can not.

Comments can be retrieved for ...

  • ... ads, that were created via Facebook AdManager.
  • ... existing posts, that were boosted.
  • ... ads, that were created via SocialHub.

Comments can not be retrieved for ...

  • ... dynamic feed ads using Placement Asset Customization.
  • ... promoted Facebook posts that have not yet been published organically. However, after the post is published organically, the comments are received retrospectively.

Explanation: In response to our request, Facebook has confirmed that these ads are not available via API. As a result, we have no leverage to do something about this. Facebook first needs to extend the API to allow the corresponding comments to reach the Hub.

Other types of ads

There are many types of ads on Facebook that can be used. Whether comments can be retrieved for the ads not mentioned in this overview is still unclear at the moment.

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