Publishing ads on Instagram

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, it is also integrated into the Ad Manager allowing Facebook ads to be additionally or exclusively shown on Instagram. Our feature Facebook Ads allows you to create ads for Facebook channels as well as ads for Instagram channels.

Activate this feature

Do you want to be able to publish ads on Facebook and Instagram via SocialHub? Simply contact your personal account manager and he or she will activate the feature Facebook Ads for you. Don't forget to connect your Facebook Ads Manager before you start creating ads.

Create an Instagram ad

During the creation of an ad group, the placement of the ad is determined. The option "Automatic Placements" is selected by default. This means that the ad will be shown at all locations suitable for the post. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger on both desktop and mobile devices.

By deactivating the option "Automatic Placements", the placement of the advertisement can be customized. This enables you to place an ad only on Instagram.

But not all advertisements can be placed without restrictions. The Facebook help center provides an overview: Available ad placements for marketing goals


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