Facebook Ads

The Facebook Ads feature enables you to plan and publish ads directly through the SocialHub. If you're currently using both the Facebook Business Manager and SocialHub to create ads, you can easily control everything from only one tool after activating the feature.

Activating the feature

Would you like to be able to create Facebook ads using the SocialHub? Please contact your personal account manager so he or she can unlock the feature for you.

Connect ad account and channel

To create Facebook ads using the SocialHub, you must first connect an ad account and the Facebook channel. Click the button  in Account > Facebook Ads. Follow the displayed instructions and select the ad account you want to connect to. Then, in the Channels tab, you can connect the channel for which you want to create ads.

You will see a partner request from the SocialHub in the settings of your Facebook page which you need to confirm:

Clicking the button "Respond to Request" opens this view:

Confirm this once again:

Finally, you will be asked for your Facebook password. If everything has been completed successfully, you will notice that the SocialHub is listed with an agency role in the settings of your Facebook page:

Now reload the SocialHub and check in Account > Facebook Ads whether the ad account and channel have been successfully connected. If either connection is still incomplete or pending, click the button "Grant permissions" next to it. This button launches the Facebook Business Manager. You should see that the SocialHub has requested permissions for the ad account in the section Requests.

Confirm this request and verify the connection in Account > Facebook Ads once again. Both ad account and channel should be successfully connected now.

Creating an ad

To create an ad you first need to create a post as usual and populate it with some content. If the Facebook Ads feature is set up correctly and the channel you are creating the post for is connected, an additional tab "Promotion" is shown. Select the ad account and an ad campaign (you need to create this directly on Facebook) to get a list of all existing ad sets. Select the appropriate ad set or create a new one.

If you want to create ads for Instagram channels, please read this article: Publishing ads on Instagram

Creating an ad set

If there are no ad sets in your account that you want to use for your ad, you can create a new ad set directly from within the SocialHub. Click the button . A popup will appear allowing you to configure the ad set:

A few more options are available when you create an ad set in the Facebook Ads Manager. Should you need any of these, you can simply create the ad set in the Ads Manager and then select it in the SocialHub.

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