How can I connect additional channels that the Hub doesn't support yet?

The SocialHub includes integrations with social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. by default. However, we know that most companies also have other (own) channels, which might even be handled by the same employees. This could be a mailbox, a blog that is not based on WordPress (because the SocialHub supports WordPress ;-)) or simply a social network that the SocialHub doesn't already support.

That's why we have developed the so-called Inbox API. With this API you can add comments, messages and much more from any other system to the SocialHub and use all the features the SocialHub has to offer like adding notes, assigning tickets to other users, using the approval process for replies, etc.

The Inbox API is an interface which is controlled programmatically. That means: In order to receive tickets in the SocialHub your IT/Development department has to do some programming first. But don't worry: We will provide everything you need to know about the API. Just drop us a line to and ask for more information.

If you don't have the resources to implement the integration yourself, we will gladly recommend a partner that can do this for you. Or we might implement the integration as part of a custom project for you at an extra charge. A short mail to is sufficient. :-)

By the way: This is a feature that needs to be activated for your account before you can use it. Contact us at with a short message that you want to use this feature.

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