E-mail approval process

The email approval process is an addition to the normal approval process. It allows people who do not have their own SocialHub user to approve posts. For example, agency clients or the head office of a branch can be included in the decision-making process.

Unlock feature

You would like to use the email approval process? Please contact your personal account manager so that he or she can activate the feature for you.

In order to be able to use the e-mail approval process after it has been activated by your account manager, the approval process must also be activated under Account > Features. Do not forget to confirm the change with the Save button at the bottom right.


In the first step, you should always send the post for approval. Only in the second step can you send the mail for email approval.

You plan your post on the desired platform:


After preparing and planning, go to "Send for Approval" and in the next step go to your "Approve" folder to "Edit" the post in the second step:


Click here on "Edit".


As you can already see in the bar above, you now have the "Approval" button as an additional option. After the post is scheduled, you can now send the draft to an external email address for approval:


The message with content is forwarded to the e-mail address entered:


The link takes the external user to the post/ad that is ready for release:


After approval has been granted, the post will be published at the scheduled time.

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