Content Performance



This dashboard helps you evaluate the performance of your posts by summarizing the most important information. This gives you an overview of how many people you've reached with your posts and how much engagement you've been able to generate.

We calculate these metrics based on your posts.  This means that we consider all posts that were published within the selected time period. We count all values of this post, even if they were generated outside the selected time period.

You can also filter all information in this dashboard by channel and time period as usual.

You can export this dashboard as PDF as usual.
Additionally, we offer you the possibility to export all your post information as CSV (Excel).

Here you can see the following widgets:

  • Total Post Count
  • Post Reach Total
  • Post Reach - Organic and Paid
  • Total Engagement
  • Engagement - Comments, Likes and Shares
  • Total Link Clicks
  • Post Metrics
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