Create or delete users

Go to Account > User in your SocialHub account for the user administration interface:

Creating users

Click the button mceclip0.png to open up a popup where you can specify the name, email address, role and language of the new user.


A confirmation email will be sent to the specified email address. The account will be activated by clicking this link and assigning a password to the user account. Hint: Please check the spam folder of your email program if the email didn't arrive after a few minutes.

By the way: A new user does't necessarily need his own account with the social networks connected to your SocialHub account. Only users who should be able to add a new channel need to be active on the network and have administrator rights on the corresponding account.

Deleting users

To remove a user from your SocialHub account open the options dropdown by clicking the small arrow. Using the "Delete" option will remove the account of the selected person.


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