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The SocialHub uses a so-called API to communicate with Facebook. In order for the SocialHub to be able to post posts and comments on your Facebook page, it needs access permissions for your account. These are granted automatically when you add a channel to your SocialHub account.

Why should I grant multiple access permissions?

The Facebook API is like a highway. The more access permissions there are in your SocialHub account, the more lanes this highway gets.


The more lanes the highway has, the more cars can drive on it without causing a traffic jam. The comments that are posted to your Facebook page can get imported faster into the SocialHub if multiple access permissions have been granted.


There can be an accident on a highway and a lane has to be closed down. A similar situation can happen with the SocialHub if the Facebook user who has added the channel to the SocialHub is blocked or someone is tampering with his Facebook account. There are various causes that can lead to the SocialHub losing access permission for a Facebook channel.

When the highway has more than one lane and one of these lanes is closed then cars can still drive on the other lane. That's why you should add as many access permissions as possible for a Facebook channel. In case the access permission for a user expires, it should be restored as soon as possible.

Are you convinced? This is how it works:

Any Facebook user can add an access permission to a Facebook channel. The first user needs to add the channel as usual. Once this is done, additional access permissions can be added.Jeder Facebook-Benutzer kann eine Zugriffsberechtigung für einen Facebook-Kanal hinzufügen.

In order to add an access permission, it is not necessary to create a SocialHub user for each Facebook user. However, only one access privilege can be added per Facebook user.

The Facebook user with which an access authorization should be added must have admin rights to the Facebook page.

If this requirement is met, either the user can add the access permission himself (if he or she has a SocialHub account with the appropriate privileges) or you can do this together on your computer. To do so, the Facebook user must sign in to Facebook on your computer. After that click the "Add access authorization" button in Account > Channels to add an access authorization and confirm all questions.

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