Controlling user access rights individually

SocialHub offers some standard roles like "Community Manager" or "Editor" which can be assigned to users. This ensures that each user can only access features they are actually supposed to use. Read here to find out about the available roles and which features they include: Controlling user access rights using roles

Do you want to be able to control the approval process of the Inbox or the approval process of the Content Planner more precisely? The feature "Customize Role" allows you to define exactly which functions a user can access. This allows you to specify that only selected users are allowed to approve reply suggestions and/or posts.

Activate this feature

Do you want to be able to personalize roles in SocialHub? Simply contact your personal account manager and he or she will activate this feature for you.


If this feature is activated for your account the button mceclip0.png is enabled. You will see this button when you edit a user and clicking it takes you to an overview page where you can deactivate all features that the user should not be able to use.


Please note: Only access rights of users who don't have an admin role can be customized. If you want to withdraw a right from an admin user, the user must first be assigned to some other role. Afterwards, you can customize the access rights of the user.

Tip: Usually, several users should have the same set of permissions. Once a user with a custom role has been created, the role configuration can easily be used as a template for new users. Just click on the green circle with the plus icon in the user overview:


Use cases

Description Permissions
Only certain users can approve reply suggestions/posts Approve Suggestion (Inbox)
Approve Post (Content Planner)
Disable skipping of the approval process Skip Reply Approval Process (Inbox)
Skip Post Approval Process (Content Planner)

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