E-mail forwarding

Sometimes you need to forward a post to a staff member who does not work in SocialHub. You can easily forward this post by email using the E-Mail function.

Add original post and relevant comments

By default, the checkbox for Add original post and relevant comments is set. This means that the comment you want to forward, for example, is attached to the email. In addition, the original post and relevant comments are attached so that the context is maintained. The comment you are forwarding is highlighted in yellow. This looks like this in the e-mail:

What are "relevant" comments?

  • The original post (e.g. the user post or a post from your page)
  • The comment you want to forward (e.g. from "Hanna Deeds")
  • All other comments by "Hanna Deeds
  • All your page's replies to the comments by "Hanna Deeds".

What are "non-relevant" comments?

  • Comments from other users
  • Responses of the page to the comments of other users


How do I know later which contributions were forwarded by e-mail?

After forwarding by email, the SocialHub adds a note to the post so that it remains traceable to whom the post was sent.

Multiple email addresses

Click on E-mail to open a pop-up where you can enter one or more e-mail addresses (separated by commas).

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