Note, Hide and Delete

For each ticket, an edit bar is displayed that provides the most common functions at the touch of a button. However, there is only so much space on a screen, so a few more functions are hidden behind the dropdown on the right side of the bar. There you will find mainly less frequently used functions and functions that are unique to the various networks.

For example, the functions "Note", "Hide" and "Delete":



Notes are only visible to SocialHub users, i.e. only to your colleagues. For example, you can use this function to record useful information for a colleague so that they do not have to check the entire history of the comment.

In addition, notes are also created by other functions that you apply to the ticket. The email forwarding, for example, records in a note to whom the ticket was forwarded and which message was sent. In this way, the processing of a ticket remains traceable at all times.


This is the Facebook function "Hide", which can be used to hide a comment from the public.


With this function, the ticket is deleted from the respective network. The comment will therefore no longer be visible on Facebook, Twitter, etc. as soon as you use this function. This action cannot be undone. For traceability, deleted tickets remain visible in the Hub and are moved to the "Deleted" folder.

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