Solutions if the co-working feature does not work correctly

The co-working feature is one of the main components of the SocialHub and, from the programmers' point of view, one of the more complex areas we have. One of the complexities is that an internet connection is rarely truly 100% stable. For example, we have two lines in order to be able to immediately counteract any failure, however small it may be. The user at his workstation usually does not notice a failure that lasts only a few seconds or even less. This is due to the way today's modern browsers work, which compensate for such small failures.

With the Co-Working feature, however, even the smallest interruptions can have a direct effect, as at that moment a notification is sent to all logged-in users of the SocialHub who are also currently in the Inbox. Users who are in Content Planner or Insights do not receive this notification, nor do users who are offline.

For the co-working feature, the browser must support so-called websockets. Check your browser on this website to see if it is suitable for this. Optimally, the result of the check by this website should look like this:

Gegebenenfalls siehst du in deinem Account häufiger die folgende Benachrichtigung:

Wenn die Verbindung wieder herstellt wurde wird diese Benachrichtigung gezeigt:

If you see these messages frequently, there is most likely a limitation in your internal network that is preventing the feature from working correctly.

In company networks, it is of course possible that specific things are deactivated. If this is the case, you need to talk to your colleagues in the IT department and ask them to release websockets for you. Otherwise, the co-working feature cannot be used.

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