Placeholder channels

Not all social networks provide an official API or are already integrated into the SocialHub. But the SocialHub provides an option to create placeholder channels. A placeholder channel can be used exactly like an official channel within the Content Planner. You can plan posts, use the approval process and all other functions of the Content Planner. The only difference: The planned posts can not be published directly to the social network. Instead, an email notification is sent.

Creating a placeholder channel

Look for the section "Other Networks" in Account > Channels. The button "Add channel" launches a short form for you to enter all the details of your placeholder channel.



In addition to one or more email addresses, you can set a notification time. When the planned publication time of a post is approaching, a notification is sent to the specified email addresses. Be sure to choose a big enough value so that the person who is going to publish the post has enough time to prepare it in time.

Planning posts for a placeholder channel

Placeholder channels behave exactly like official channels while working within the Content Planner. Simply select the channel in the Publisher to plan a post.


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