Inbox API - Setup and technical documentation

The Inbox API enables you to create tickets for the Inbox and thus allows you to integrate channels that are not (yet) supported by the SocialHub. For example, you can import comments from your own website into the SocialHub Inbox via this API, if it is not based on WordPress. Of course, this requires the in-house development of a utility that submits the comments to the Inbox API.

This is a feature that needs to be activated for your account before it can be used. Contact us at with a short message that you would like to use this feature.

For SocialHub admins

Create a custom channel

Before a developer can use the Inbox API, an administrator of the SocialHub account needs to create a "Custom Channel". Once the Inbox API is activated for the account, the section "Inbox API" is displayed in Account > Channels.


Clicking on "Add Channel" launches a form in which you can enter a name and an image for the channel. The image is used as icon for tickets created via the Inbox API. After the channel has been saved a so-called access token is displayed below the confirmation message. Developers can use this access token to create tickets for the channel.

About access tokens

Occasionally it is necessary to replace an access token (e.g. if it is no longer secret for some reason). Usually, the one of your colleagues in charge of the custom channel will approach you if this is the case. A new access token can easily be generated. Attention: The previous access token will be deactivated and the Ticket API can no longer be used with it. Therefore, a new token should only be generated in coordination with the responsible developer.


If a custom channel is deleted or deactivated, accessing it via the Inbox API is no longer possible. If the channel is reactivated later, a new access token will be generated.

Developers can currently perform these actions using a custom channel access token via the Ticket API:

  • Create tickets for the custom channel

It is not possible to:

  • Create tickets for other custom or standard channels
  • Retrieve or edit existing tickets
  • Gain access to other channels

For developers

Everything your developers need to know is summarized on our SocialHub for Developers website: Technical documentation of the Inbox API

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