How long does it take for tickets to arrive in the hub?

The retrieval times for the networks can vary, so here is a rough overview for the individual networks. Please note: The figures given here are only indicative; there can always be technical reasons for a post to arrive later in the SocialHub.


As a rule, comments arrive in the Hub in less than a minute, no matter how old the post commented on is.

There are two ways to "pick up" the posts on Facebook: 

1) Facebook's real-time API always tells the Hub when there is something new and. 

2) our "failsafe for the Realtime API" - A second Facebook API where the Hub always actively "asks" if there is anything new on a particular post, Actually, the comments should always come in quickly because they come through the Facebook Realtime API or the Hub asks for them itself. For comments on new posts, both ways are almost equally fast.

Comments on "older" posts usually arrive just as quickly because they come via the Realtime API. However, if the real-time API is not working correctly and misses a comment, then it can take up to an hour for posts that are a few days old to arrive in the Hub.

For "new" posts, the Hub quasi "constantly" asks whether there is anything new. This means that if the real-time API goes haywire, a comment on a new post will arrive just as quickly as via the real-time API.

With older posts, however, the Hub cannot check as often because Facebook does not allow it. This means that the older the post, the less often the hub can query. For posts that are less than a day old, the Hub asks "constantly"; posts up to seven days old are asked for hourly. 

Age of the post Available in 
New 10 sec.
up to 10 min 1 minute
up to 1 day 10 minutes
3-7 days 1 hour
7-14 days 5 hours
14-30 days 10 h
30-90 days 24 h
Post is older 480 h


Tweets / Mentions / Private Messages are retrieved approx. every 6 minutes and should then run in accordingly.

Attention: With the current official API, Twitter does not guarantee that all posts will actually arrive.

Twitter support had the following answer:
"Unfortunately there's no guarantee that the public API will always return every item of data since the indices are optimised for performance and recency."

Unfortunately, Twitter does not guarantee that their public API will reliably deliver all tweets, which of course does not help us much in building a reliable software for Twitter.

The good news is that Twitter has already announced a new and more reliable interface in their roadmap:

"Additionally, we will release enterprise features designed to enable large-scale access and ensure you never miss an activity."

We hope to be able to switch our system over to this new API soon so that all tweets really do come in. Until then, it can unfortunately happen that a Mention is missing, according to our experience, this has fortunately only happened rarely so far, but with a correspondingly large number of Tweets, it can be quite significant.

We always keep an eye on any change on the part of Twitter here and will also announce when Twitter has made the change, as this is in our very own interest.
Unfortunately, not everything is always in our hands. We are always dependent on the cooperation of the networks concerned, even if that means having to wait for changes.


As a rule, comments arrive in the hub in less than a minute, no matter how old the post commented on is. However, as with Facebook, there are two ways in which comments can be picked up on Instagram. For failsafe, these values apply:

Age of the post Available in
* < 1 hour ca. 5 minutes
* < 2 days ca. 10 minutes
* < 30 days ca. 2 hours
* < 90 days ca. 6 h
* < 1 year ca. 24 h
> 1 year ca. 365 days

The exceptions are comments on Facebook and Instagram ads. These are not reported to the hub by the real-time API, so we always have to make proactive requests here. To ensure that the access limits of the Instagram API are not exceeded, different values apply here:

Age of the post Available in
* < 10 minutes ca. 30 sec
* < 1 day ca. 10 minutes
* < 7 days ca. 1 hour
* < 14 days ca. 5 hours
* < 30 days ca. 10 h
* < 90 days ca. 24 h
> 90 days ca. 48 h


The retrieval of comments on YouTube depends on the age of the initial contribution:

Age of the post Available in
* <= 1 hour ca. 30 sec
* < 2 days ca. 1 minutes
* < 30 days ca. 10 min
* < 1 year ca. 1 hour
> 1 year ca. 6 hours
Attention: these are only approximate values 
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