Which ticket types go into the Inbox?

The SocialHub communicates with the individual networks via an interface (the so-called API) and can only import ticket types that the respective network also delivers via this API. If a network does not deliver a certain ticket type, neither the SocialHub nor another tool provider can import this data and make it available to you.

Here you will find an overview of which data the SocialHub automatically imports and which data cannot currently be retrieved. Of course, we monitor the development of the APIs and become active immediately if a network delivers data that could not be retrieved before.


Facebook delivers user posts, comments, messages, ratings and comments on Darkposts via API. These ticket types are automatically imported as soon as you add a Facebook channel.

Some mentions are delivered by the Facebook API, but unfortunately most are not. Therefore, it is possible that here and there a mentions will appear in your inbox. Officially, however, Facebook does not guarantee that mentions will be delivered.

Comments on events are unfortunately not currently delivered by the Facebook API. Facebook restricted this in April 2018 due to a data protection scandal and it is currently not certain whether this will change again.


Instagram delivers comments via API and you can receive mentions via a trick. In order for comments to be retrieved on advertisements, an additional configuration must be made.

Direct messages are unfortunately not currently supported by the Instagram API and can therefore not be imported into the SocialHub.



Twitter delivers messages and mentions via API. Please note, however, that Twitter does not guarantee that all messages and mentions will be delivered via API.


YouTube only delivers comments on videos via API. Please note that the age of the video plays a role in how long it takes for a new comment to enter the hub.


WordPress only delivers comments on blog posts via API.

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