Smart Rules

Intelligent rules can be used to automatically apply actions to tickets. Examples of this are "Move support & sales requests to the priority inbox" or "Hide certain tickets or archive them directly". With Smart Rules, we want to help you automate recurring actions in a time-saving way and be able to recognize and answer important requests more quickly via the Priority Inbox. The individual rules can be moved in their order via drag & drop. If more than one rule can be applied to a ticket, only the rule that comes first in the order will be executed.

Activate feature

The approval process for the Content Planner is optional and must be activated under Account > Features. Don't forget to confirm the change with the save button at the bottom right.


Attention: If the Teams feature is activated, it still applies: A staff member who can only view Twitter channels will still not be shown tickets from Facebook channels.

Create Rules:

Under Account > Smart Rules you will find the interface to create new rules and edit existing rules. A rule always works according to this pattern:

IF a trigger occurs, THEN perform a reaction.

You can define the trigger and the reaction in the SocialHub:


The following triggers are available at the moment:

  • The ticket contains a keyword (a keyword list is also required for this).
  • The ticket includes a Facebook Mention
  • The ticket only contains Facebook Mentions
  • The ticket is of the type (Facebook user post, Facebook comments, Facebook messages, etc.)
  • The ticket belongs to the channel (one of the channels connected in the SocialHub account)

You can add more conditions by clicking on mceclip2.png. If several conditions are defined for a Smart Rule, the reaction is only executed if all conditions apply.

These reactions are available at the moment:

  • Mark as priority
  • Mark as done
  • Delete
  • Hide
  • Like
  • Forward via e-mail

Here, too, you can define several reactions to be executed by clicking on mceclip3.png.

Create a keyword list

You can create keyword lists in the Keywords tab. You can enter one keyword per line in the input field:


However, in order for the keyword list to become active, you must use it as a trigger in a Smart Rule and provide it with a suitable reaction.


Not every rule is actually applicable to every ticket:

  • Hide: This action can only be applied to user posts and comments from Facebook channels.
  • Like: Can't be applied on Google Reviews.
  • Delete: This action cannot be applied to comments from YouTube channels, reviews on Facebook and direct messages and mentions from Twitter channels.
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