Templates / FAQ

In SocialHub you can create reply templates that are available to the whole team. If you want to write a response to a new ticket, you can simply select one of the already saved templates and insert it. Before sending the reply, you can of course edit it and individualize it for the recipient.

What is the use of templates suitable for?

  • Save time
  • Ensure quality of response
  • For difficult topics (e.g., oil crisis), have a legally approved template ready for the entire team
  • Store standard responses, e.g. with links to help articles or contact forms, once centrally for the team.

You can unlock the feature under Account > Features. Do not forget to save. Please note that only an administrator can unlock the feature.

Then you can add new templates under Account > Templates.

All you need to do now is to create your templates. Please note that only an administrator can create the answer templates.

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