The co-working feature serves to make teamwork clearer and more effective. This is achieved by showing each employee in real time which tickets are already being processed by colleagues.

How does it work?

work e.g. B. Bianca and Hanna each in the SocialHub, then Hanna sees when Bianca clicks on one of the tickets in the inbox:

This avoids two employees working on the same ticket at the same time. If Hanna would rather edit the ticket herself (e.g. because Bianca is taking a phone call), she simply clicks on the "x" in the top right corner to unlock the ticket and be able to edit it again. If she then clicks on the ticket, it is blocked for Bianca, so that she knows after the phone call that she no longer has to worry about it.

This information is also displayed if someone completes the ticket or assigns it to someone else.


  • When a user clicks on a ticket, a notification is sent to every active user on the SocialHub
  • If another ticket is clicked, the previous ticket is released again, while the new ticket is then blocked
  • If a user reloads the SocialHub / gets back to the inbox, every ticket that was currently clicked by another user will be blocked
  • If a user closes his browser window, every blocked ticket is released again
  • If a user navigates from the inbox to another area of ​​the hub (Insights/Settings etc.), every blocked ticket will now be released here as well
  • If a user selects a different inbox, any locked ticket will be unlocked
  • A user can force a ticket to be released. If he then clicks on the ticket, it will be blocked for everyone else
  • when a ticket is moved (deleted, archived, etc.), it gets a special note to show other users what happened to the ticket.

Warning: If a user has opened the SocialHub in several browser windows, unexpected side effects may occur.

Restrictions on this feature:

Basically, one can summarize that the feature works when several employees are online in the hub at the same time.

However, there are special cases where the co-working feature cannot be intercepted 100%. is e.g. B. Bianca in the SocialHub and clicks on a ticket and only then does Hanna log in, then the ticket is not yet displayed to Hanna as "in progress". Only tickets that are clicked while both agents are online will show the other as "in progress". In this example, only the next ticket that Bianca clicks on would be marked as "in progress". A side effect could also occur if both employees are online in the hub, but the tab is not currently active.

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