The SocialHub can retrieve various data from the connected channels. Comments on your Facebook page or direct messages from your Twitter account. This works by connecting a channel in the SocialHub. Unfortunately, not all networks allow us to retrieve all data.

That is why we have developed the monitoring feature for you. This way you will receive tickets that concern you even more reliably. By default, you can create monitoring searches for Twitter and Instagram channels. If you would like to use the other options Web, Blogs, Forums and News, please contact your personal account manager so that he or she can activate the feature for you or visit

You can create and configure a monitoring search under Account > Monitoring:



By default, a monitoring search is created for Twitter and Instagram. If you need other sources such as the web, blogs, forums or news, please contact your personal account manager so that he or she can activate the feature for you or visit


Enter at least one search term with which you want to monitor the selected networks:


You can also enter several search terms, which will be combined for you under a monitoring search. In this case, all the search terms entered must appear in a tweet or comment for it to enter your SocialHub inbox.


Attention: If you create a new monitoring search or edit an existing monitoring search, it may take up to an hour for the change to take effect. Furthermore, the monitoring search does not take effect retroactively. Only content that is published after a monitoring search is activated will be found. In addition, it is never possible to find 100% of all content that is published. Even Google as a search engine can never comb through the entire internet.

Some tips on how to use the monitoring feature:

  • Limit your search as much as possible by using AND and OR conditions. If a monitoring search returns too many results, it is automatically deactivated.
  • You can exclude certain websites and Twitter users that generate too many search results from the search.
  • Limit a monitoring search to one country or one language. However, this option can also quickly exclude results, so use it wisely.
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